Our BIM department can generate conceptual and as-built models to support your current project or help plan a future project. We are constantly refining our techniques. Contact us so we can help you visualize your project before you ever pour your foundation.


The estimates, schedules and technology utilized by our team of professionals, provide our clients with realistic budgets and time requirements for your pending and potential projects. We work for you - Driving the design to meet your budget requirements.


At Guido, we continually monitor project costs by utilizing industry leading cost accounting methods and systems. Our team will closely monitor weekly labor reports, detailed monthly job costs, and project schedule reports as part of the construction management process. All of these processes help save you money.


Guido has transformed our construction services with the implementation of Lean tools, driving efficiency and value for the entire project team. By collaborating on all aspects of project delivery from design through completion, we eliminate waste, promote onsite safety, keep projects ahead of schedule and deliver projects at less cost.


Guido Construction Company is committed to providing the safest work environment in the industry today. This goal is accomplished through vigilant monitoring of each project's job site, as well as continuing safety training for every person on our staff. Company superintendents and project managers receive safety training on an ongoing basis and are fully accountable for compliance with all safety, health policies and standards. Our goal is for everyone to return home safely each day.


Detailed budget estimates are structured to match each construction component. The estimated costs are integral to the design management process. Estimates are reviewed with the project team where assumptions are questioned and discussed. Unit costs and areas are checked, and mutually agreed modifications are made to quantities, levels of quality, and range of finishes in order to quantify project costs.


Our technical staff and consultants, coupled with our extensive experience in a multitude of building types, enables us to provide an accurate assessment to all stakeholder during the decision process. Our experts help you build your Vision within the available budget and specified time frame.


In the design-build delivery method, knowledge and experience are required to create a successful team in which one entity is responsible for overseeing the architectural and engineering design as well as actual construction work. This can produce significant benefits for the owner including time and cost savings.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone of our work. Through systematic monitoring and evaluation of various aspects of your project, we ensure that quality standards are being met.

VALUE Analysis

Our value analysis process is designed to reduce the cost of a project to the lowest practical price without compromising its function or sacrificing quality and reliability. Value analysis is an ongoing process during the design stage that analyzes the building components and systems to provide cost effective feedback. This allows the client to make informed decisions that can result in significant cost saving.